Increase in visitors at the Bremen Classic Motorshow

The 17th addition of the Bremen Classic Motorshow came to its conclusion on Sunday, February 3, 2019, reporting a good result. Over the course of the […]

Bremen Classic Motorshow: Deadline and Topic Tips

Dear Colleagues, Our dates are now fixed for the Bremen Classic Motorshow (from Friday, 1 February to Sunday, 3 February 2019). To help you plan, we […]

A must for classic car fans

Rare estate car classics, V8 Movie Cars, the „Young Classics“, T3 campers, US bikes from the 20th century as well as racing bikes from the 1940s […]

Original bikes at the Bremen Classic Motorshow

These bikes are different: In our minds, they are heavy, long, bulky and gleaming with chrome. And tradition plays a role as well when it comes […]

Red carpet rolled out for classic estate cars

For many years, the estate cars in vehicle model families were regarded as dull work horses: they were neglected, worn out, forgotten. They were Cinderella to […]