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One of the bands representing France at jazzahead! 2015: Orchestre National de Jazz

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Natalia Mateo will perform during the German Jazz Expo 2015

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fatsO from Columbia made their way into the jazzahead! program

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The Russian/Ukranian duo “Arkady Shilkloper & Vadim Neselovskyi” are part of the European showcases

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jazzahead!’s anniversary program with international stars

jazzahead! presents 40 showcases with participation from 21 countries in its tenth year; international juries spoilt for choice with 464 proposals

40 showcase concerts with an international diversity of 21 countries will be presented at the tenth anniversary edition of jazzahead! from April 23rd to 26th, 2015 in Bremen. For the first time, the concerts will take place on three different stages with staggered time slots, providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy even more concerts at the trade fair.
In addition to renowned stars of the international jazz scene a number of new names can be found in the program that exhibits a huge variety of styles in contemporary jazz.

Four program modules
The opening night on April 23rd, 2015 is dedicated to jazzahead!’s partner country. During the French Night, eight bands from France can be heard.
The program spans from established artists like “Henri Texier” to young innovative formations such as “Papanosh” and “Donkey Monkey”. “This selection made by an international and open-minded jury gives a great overview of the vitality and quality of the French jazz scene today. It reflects the structured support of the French jazz world with its ability to stimulate young and talented artists, meanwhile capable of competing on the international stage. No doubt that these eight beautiful projects will seduce the audience of jazzahead! 2015.“ states Philippe Ochem, vice president of AJC, the association for jazz and contemporary music promoters in France.

Eight bands will present “jazz made in Germany” on Friday, April 24th, 2015 within the German Jazz Expo. This program also combines old stagers like Hattler, who has been alive and kicking at clubs and festivals for 40 years and young and ambitious talents of the scene like singer Natalia Mateo.

In the Overseas Night eight formations will show a diversity of jazz from outside Europe – this time celebrating a diversity of origin as well with bands for example from South Africa and Latin America. “fatsO” from Columbia offer an urban style music from Bogotá with four saxophones and a gutturally singing bassist who kind of recalls Tom Waits.

One of the three acts from Canada is charismatic soul singer Kellylee Evans, who is already definitely on her way up.

The European Jazz Meeting will introduce 16 bands from 14 countries on Saturday, April 25th, 2015. ”David Helbocks RANDOM/CONTROL” with an extraordinary instrumentation of different keyboards and pianos, numerous wind instruments and elements of electronical music is one of the performing acts. For the first time with the trio “Peedu Kass Momentum” an Estonian band made its way into the program. The jazzahead! organizers are also pleased to welcome the Russian/Ukrainian duo “Arkady Shilkloper & Vadim Neselovskyi” and “MOP MOP” from Italy – countries rarely represented in the past.

Tough decision for the juries, high quality in proposals
jazzahead! received all in all 464 applications for its showcase festival, an increase of 45% to the previous year. Proposals came from 37 countries, for the first time also from Cyprus, Rumania and South Africa. Ulrich Beckerhoff, jury member and jazzahead! artistic director, emphasizes the high quality of proposals: ”Unanimously the jury agreed that the selection was very difficult due to the high number of outstanding groups that were applying for only 40 actual showcase slots.”
Four juries consisting of international program makers and media representatives chose the upcoming jazzahead! program.

Exhibitors can register until March 18th, 2015 for jazzahead!. Only a few stand positions are left. Registrations as professional participant with entry in the guide can also be made online until March 18th, 2015, without guide entry until April 7th, 2015.

Tickets for jazzahead! events are available at Nordwest Ticket (+49 421 36 36 36), at the Ticket-Service at Glocke concert hall (+49 421 33 66 99), at the WESER KURIER Pressehaus, CTS Eventim (+49 421 35 36 37) and all regional newspaper offices and at the pre-sale offices of Nordwest Ticket or online at / / /

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